posted at 6:15pm

current tunes: SOPHIE - Faceshopping
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It's cold so you know what that means: blankie time.

I updated my about page. Kinda! Enjoy that. I'm going back to trying to pretend I'm a bear.


posted at 1:32am

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Today I crossed over into Georgia from via the Appalachian mtns. Incredible stuff. I guess that makes it the fourth or fifth time I've walked the trail? You lose track! Can you believe some people have this on their bucket list? lol


posted at 4:23pm

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current trail: appalachian

I guess I should use this to log my travels or whatever. I mean, I go a ton of places, so it just makes sense to have a Place to Put It. Some people might say, "Abbie! You're nuts for trying to code a site on your phone! Just get a Facebook like the rest of society!" And to those people I would say, "Who are you! Leave me alone! I literally have never seen you in my life before, get away from me!"

We have fun here.